Welcome to the Bungee Jumper's English Springer Spaniel family.


The dogs have been part of the family for years and are living together one day with us in the house. Our goal is to breed social, beautiful and very strong dogs.


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Dogs are my passion

My name is Patricia Verreet and I live with my family in the beautiful village of Oostburg in Zeeland. I have been breeding English Springer Spaniels for 15 years. I started breeding in Meerbusch (Germany) near Düsseldorf. For many years I successfully bred there in the Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen (VDH) e.V. (German Kennel Club).


Even before I was born, several dogs lived in our family. So it goes without saying that dogs have always accompanied me in my life and have always played an important role for me.

It started with Bonnie, my first Cocker Spaniel. Of course it didn't stop there, then followed by "Daisy" and other dogs. My first Springer Spaniel was "Orchidee von Soestbach" (Cindy).


Our dogs are family members. They live with us in our house with garden. They can move freely everywhere. They live wherever we are. With their enjoyment of life and their great friendliness, they are an enrichment for every day. A life without dogs? That would never exist for us!!!



Here you will find news about the Bungee Jumper's English Springer Spaniels family.

Here we inform you when we have to give puppies or when one of our dog win a champion. Click under news.


We are planning our N-litters in january 2023


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We are breeders in the Raad van Beheer



Safety for the buyer


The Raad van Beheer's ancestors' records ensure that strict breeding and breeding checks are carried out.
With these Raad van Beheer quality seals, we confirm that we are recognized breeders.

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